Inktober #2 – Divided #3 Poison #4 Underwater

#Inktober ‘s 2nd day was divided! I was tired and didn’t complete it, but I made up for it today!

I was listening to Game Grumps and decided to celebrate the divide of grump and not so grump!

Day number 3 was Poison! I immediately thought of one of my favorite monsters from Monster Hunter…

GYPEROS! (no lie I just… I love them)

TIGER SHARK from Neil Lalonde’s Mermaid Comics (it’s a li’l pervy…)!

I like mermaids, wanted to draw a shark mermaid, and then immediately thought of Neil’s Tiger. I love her. I wanted to see her flex. She tuff.


Inktober! Am I doing it right…?

@inktober am I doing it right? #inktober #inktober2017 #inktoberdiscourse #sarcasm #inkstone

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The internet blessed me with revealing that there is a “discourse” about how there is a “correct way” to participating in Inktober, a popular drawing challenge that asks that you draw one thing a day for the month of October in ink.

Cartoonist and illustrator Jake Parker created the month to challenge himself and improve his inking skills as a cartoonist. People saw him, thought it was a great idea, and decided to try it themselves and the project exploded.

And that’s awesome!

He did it for himself, and people wanted to join in on the fun. Simply put, I think that means that people can participate however they want/however they can.

Madeleine Flores -another wonderful cartoonist- once suggested drawing in ink to me just as a way to gain confidence. Once you put a line down you can’t erase it. You can either work from it or just start over again. Good art is made by drawing over and over again, and this message refuses to get into my brain. 

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Updates on life

I’ve forgotten how to do this.

Hello, internet! I’ve missed you. I’ve consumed you, sure, but I haven’t contributed in… an embarrassingly long time.

I’ll be honest with you. I have not been too… good. There’s been a lot of things happening (shameless plug of my friend’s adorable and great comic about depression -point point point-) that have been getting me thinking, rethinking, and pondering on those thoughts endlessly while also having a lot of life happening around it all.

I haven’t been any kind of creative, and I’m ashamed of it. On the other hand my professional life -or working life?- has been leading to some pretty cool things.

Long story short, I’m loving my life at the moment, but I’m really sad about my lack of drawing. I want to change that. If you want a sad story to read feel free to read more! If not, no worries! Stick around as long as you like and come back whenever you’d like!

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