I really have been drawing! I just… never show ANY of you ANY of it! I guess I should, huh?

Here are some older, but still from this year, sketchbooky things~! I think I’ll post one drawing that’s old followed by a new one.

Some dogs I doodled with my nib-pens. I like ink…

And a reeeally bad phone-picture of my character from Fallout New Vegas… I am SO bad at that game but it is SO FUN.

ALSO Hooooolygeeeeeeze look at what Nick and I are putting together!

I am no computer-knowledgeable-know-how person, but the way Nick described this computer and what we’re gonna do with it makes me SO EXCITED FOR IT. I could buy a cintiq and not have it kill photoshop, because my little laptop is so whimpy…

Later, folks!

A is for Angha

For the first round over at Alphabeastiary the creature is the Angha! Here be mine.

I quote from the first post:

The Angha is a Persian monster also known as the Simurgh (and other variations of this spelling)

The Angha is said to have the front head and body of a dog, the wings and tail of a peacock and the claws of a lion. This monstrous mesh is often said to be gigantic enough to fly off with an elephant or a whale clasped in its talons.
Showing up in Iranian art and literature, the huge dog-bird is a dangerous beast with a varied history. Benevolent in nature the Angha always lives near water, and one of the most famous myths surrounded a particular Angha (a female) claiming it as a protector of the tree of life. It protects the tree from people looking to steal it’s wisdom without first earning it.

This was fun!

Goals, rewards, and a drawing!

A long while ago I read a journal post that my fellow artist friend, Tracy Williams, wrote that inspired me write one, myself.¬† It was about setting goals for yourself, creating an appropriate timeline in which to complete them, and then giving yourself a reward! I’m all over that!

It’s been a few…months since I first read that post, and I think I have finally begun to think of some for my own! She had also mentioned it’s a good idea to post these goals on a blog, if you have one.

My first immediate goal is a fairly new one, because I just discovered the website, and thought it’d be the most reasonable. I discovered a new blog in development called Alphabeastiary through Pokemonathon. It’s only just started, so try out!! The “A” beast is still up, and due October 30th, so there’s still time.

My goal for this is just that. I’m going to go along with the challenge, even if my piece doesn’t get shown. I’ll be finishing these before they are due on the website, be them digital paintings, ink drawings, black and white, anything! My reward for completing this project will be …THE OKAMI ART BOOK. I want it…super badly.

Here’s a quick preview of my beastie. Idn’t he just the cutest?? His pose may look a little off, but there’s a lot I haven’t drawn in, yet. Like what’s under his paw, or in his mouth.

My second goal is really because I want to learn to capture moments, emotions and places and be able to relay it to others in a coherent way. To do this I’ll start with a little journal comic that I will draw every day. I won’t need to post it, but I do want that to be an option. They’ll start off little, silly, and probably about nonsensical things. I want to use these as a way to experiment with what I think drawing comics can mean for me. When I get up to five or seven comics I’ll start choosing which ones I’d like to post. My reward for creating one every day up until I can I save up enough will be to buy … a Cintiq. I’ve been wanting one for years. And since I seem to be going mainly digital I think it’d be a smart move on my part. I can decide on size later.

… this post will be updated the more I think of goals and rewards. I’m still thinking of many, but I am tired, and it is late. Niiighty night you crazy kids.

Number fish!

I was asked to draw some fish for a window display at the store. We had maps hanging, and they always put numbers on them as a quick reference for customers. They were almost recycled! But I saved them, and I have some plots for these guys… mwahaha.

This was also drawn during shark week, so there is a shark!

I also will post something I drew recently…as soon as I draw it!