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Stumptown was SO

I am excited! I met so many folks who draw awesome comics and then I bought stuff from them and they are awesome and gleeeeeeeeee~

Next year/SPX I’m going around to people I HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF. Because that would be more fun.

Here’s some sketchlings


Got meself a brand new scanner! … well…new in the sense that I have never purchased one for myself before.

To test it out I scanned in some little doodles I’ve done in my little sketchbooks, and a marker drawing!
I am SO excited to have a scanner, again!

It’s pretty decent, I think. Very minor brightness/contrasting for me to be happy with the image.


And with adjustments:

Some pencil sketches, very minor brightness/contrasting adjusting. It really picked up the paper fiber!

And a couple pens sketches:

I bought some block printing supplies… I think I wanna do a block print of this snail. Or a snail. It’d be fun!

I’m so excited to have a scanner, again!

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