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Updates on life

I’ve forgotten how to do this.

Hello, internet! I’ve missed you. I’ve consumed you, sure, but I haven’t contributed in… an embarrassingly long time.

I’ll be honest with you. I have not been too… good. There’s been a lot of things happening (shameless plug of my friend’s adorable and great comic about depression -point point point-) that have been getting me thinking, rethinking, and pondering on those thoughts endlessly while also having a lot of life happening around it all.

I haven’t been any kind of creative, and I’m ashamed of it. On the other hand my professional life -or working life?- has been leading to some pretty cool things.

Long story short, I’m loving my life at the moment, but I’m really sad about my lack of drawing. I want to change that. If you want a sad story to read feel free to read more! If not, no worries! Stick around as long as you like and come back whenever you’d like!

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